MURIETTA, Calif. -

A parolee who allegedly detonated an explosive while  being pursued by a California Highway Patrol officer is slated to be arraigned  Tuesday.
       Jesus Emiliano Almanza, 35, of Hemet is charged with two counts of  possessing destructive devices and one count each of assault on a peace  officer, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, receiving stolen  property and reckless disregard of public safety.
      Almanza was arrested on Oct. 11 after allegedly fleeing from a CHP  officer who attempted to stop him near Camino Los Banos and Shaver Street in  San Jacinto. He's being held in lieu of $750,000 bail at the Smith Correctional  Facility in Banning.
      According to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, the officer  attempted to stop a 2007 Nissan pickup occupied by three people for a traffic  violation.
      Sheriff's Deputy Albert Martinez said the driver of the Nissan, Almanza,  plowed through the intersection without stopping, slamming into another  vehicle, disabling the pickup. The defendant jumped out of the vehicle and  allegedly leveled a pistol at the officer, who opened fire in response but did  not hit him, according to Martinez.
      The parolee then allegedly took out "an unknown explosive device and  threw it into the front yard of an adjacent house," the deputy said.
      "The device detonated, which resulted in a small explosion," Martinez  said. "No injuries were sustained due to the device. After the detonation, Almanza surrendered and was taken into custody without incident."
      The woman at the wheel of the car struck by the Nissan suffered minor  injuries.
      The other two occupants of the pickup were arrested along with Almanza,  though neither was identified.