Federal government looking into privacy violations of children using cell Apps

Unscrupulous companies may be sneaking childrens addresses, phone numbers and more

POSTED: 08:09 AM PST Dec 11, 2012 
Kids, apps and privacy

You know how children love to get their hands on your smartphone to play games? Looks like when they do, some unscrupulous companies are trying to get their hands on their private information. The Federal Trade Commission is looking into whether software companies that make cell phone apps have been gathering data on the kids who use those apps. The FTC says it wants to find out if the app-makers have been collecting a child's physical location, phone numbers of friends and other data on the sly. A report by the FTC's own experts says the market for mobile apps has grown rapidly - but there is very little oversight to prevent the kind of abuses being alleged. The FTC isn't saying which or how many companies it was investigating.