Yucca Valley Woman Captures 'Holy Figure' On Cactus

Liz Bullock Says Snapshots Show Jesus, Virgin Mary

POSTED: 10:58 AM PDT Sep 27, 2011    UPDATED: 07:59 AM PDT Jun 22, 2011 

A woman from Southern California's high desert community of Yucca Valley claims to have captured the likeness of a "holy figure" on a cactus in her front yard.

Liz Bullock calls herself an avid photographer of insects.

When she recently noticed a crab spider on a cactus in her front yard, she snapped several pictures of it. It wasn't until she looked at the pictures inside her home that she realized what the spider was walking on.

"I noticed the cactus had a weird color to it," she said.

She showed the images to her husband, who said he saw the Virgin Mary in a robe. Bullock said she saw an image that looks like Jesus.

KESQ.com first took notice of Bullock's pictures in April, when she captured a similar image on a poppy in her yard.

Click here to see Bullock's poppy picture and more images showing "holy figures" on odd objects

At that time, she confessed she wasn't a religious person. Her beliefs have changed since then, in part due to the illness of a family member.

"My grandson got quite ill," she said. "He suffered renal failure. He had the E. coli virus that's going around in London."

Now, she said she likes to go out into her desert yard and talk to her higher power.

"I think it's God's way of saying everything is OK."