Keeping Blinds Clean

One of the trickiest things about kitchen blinds is keeping them clean. Between what goes on in the kitchen to what blows in from the outside, the blinds will require regular dusting and cleaning.

For regular maintenance, a simple dusting with a Swiffer wipe or blast of air from a hair dryer will clean much of the dust; Jobar makes a nifty vacuum attachment specifically for mini-blinds.

For deep cleaning vinyl or metal blinds, the easiest method is to simply soak them in a tub with diluted dishwashing liquid. After they have soaked for an hour or so, simply rinse and shake off the excess water. Take special care with the metal blinds to make sure they are fully dried so you avoid rust issues.

Wooden blinds should not be submerged in water. However, as with any wood piece, a damp cloth is okay to use. High-quality products such as Murphy's Oil Soap or a furniture polish or wax will protect the wood and prevent a heavy buildup of grease and grime. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your kitchen blinds looking great for years.