Arjun Wadhwa, contributing writer

There are many benefits of yoga for all ages, and for both genders. Here are some of the many health benefits of yoga for men.

1.) Blood Pressure: Long breaths that are practiced in many yoga exercises helps reduce blood pressure, and vice versa. Blood pressure is one of the many causes of heart attacks, tiredness, and fatigue for many men.

2.) Relieve Stress: Again, stress is a huge reason why many men choose to retire early only to find themselves low on money and it also leads to depression, excessive eating and lack of exercise. This means that relieving stress will also lead to a motivation to live, and with that your overall health will improve.

3.) Increased Energy: Yoga causes people to recharge, which will make you work faster, and give you the ability to exercise longer.

4.) Lower Cholesterol: Yoga has been shown to reduce cholesterol and sodium levels. Both are known to cause deaths among men.

5.) Increased Heart Beats: When doing yoga, the heart beat rises like doing any regular exercise, which means that yoga will also help with:

- Weight loss since blood circulation gets faster with increased heart rate

- Burning fats

- Disappearance of kidney stones

- Lower chances of cancer

There are also psychological benefits to yoga:

1.) Peaceful Mind: With yoga comes a peaceful mind and the thinking of achieving spirituality. With spirituality you improve as a human being which will be reflected by your health.

A person who feels peaceful will also have peace in life (i.e. no health problems).

2.) Improved Concentration: Helps with daily life tasks such as studying, filing tax records, making less accounting mistakes, and various daily items.

3.) Increased Memory: You will be able to memorize items better. An increased brain capacity means storing items in your memory for longer periods.

For healthy lifestyle yoga is a must for all men and should be done regularly.