(NewsUSA) - If you're an allergy sufferer, you're no stranger to the sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes that affect millions of Americans each year.

A nationwide survey conducted by research consulting firm StrategyOne revealed that 73 percent of allergy sufferers avoid participating in certain activities because of concerns that their allergy symptoms might act up. The most commonly avoided activities include gardening or landscaping, going for a walk and cleaning their home. The majority of allergy sufferers experience allergy symptoms at least once a week.

Actress and allergy sufferer Eva La Rue needs to be alert and focused. "When I am at work I've got tons of lines and words to memorize, and I can't afford to be in an allergy fog," she says. "The only thing that does not make me drowsy and gives me 24 hour allergy relief is Claritin."

As the mother of a young child, "My day just seems to never stop, probably like most moms," says La Rue, who was overwhelmed with allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose after relocating to California.

So what can you do to cope with allergies this season? Experts offer the following tips:

* After you've been outside, change your clothes and take a quick shower. Pollen from the air can collect on your clothes and hair.

* Keep your home and car windows closed to keep out pollen and other outdoor allergens. Instead, use air conditioning and change the filters often.

* Monitor pollen counts and adjust outdoor activities accordingly. Dry, windy days -- especially after a rainy day -- can be particularly high in pollen.