Lights, Camera, Action!

Once you have turned your backyard into a beautiful new landscape, you can strategically place garden accent lighting in various colors to give your property a bit of pizzazz. Try visiting a fancy hotel in your own city to get ideas. Take a stroll through the hotel's gardens and outdoor pathways to see how they use discreet lighting on the ground, in trees or on the walls to highlight beautiful flowers and other greenery. Solar-powered Rock Lights are a great addition to any yard because they blend in with the rest of the scenery during daylight hours and harness the sun's energy to keep the "rocks” lit for hours of light at night. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how even just a few simple light installments will add elegance and charm to your home garden. Carefully placed outdoor lighting will also add to your "staycation” by extending the time you are able to enjoy your yard beyond daylight hours.