Special Wellness and World Music Festival Committee Formed

Desert Hot Springs city leaders hope to push forward with the Wellness and World Music Festival. They have now formed a spcial committee dedicated to the production of the concert.

The city of Desert Hot Springs is now forming a special Committee, to help with the upcoming Wellness and World Music Festival.

The committee will meet five times over the next year to review proposals, recommend a producer and review progress.

You may remember that Desert Hot Springs city leaders have postponed the festival until 2012. It was put on hold twice before that.

The council is in a battle with the promoter, Tony Clarke, who was paid $250,000 to put on the event. Last month, the council decided to cut all ties with Clark and ordered him to pay back any money that can't be accounted for.

If you would like to join this committee, contact Kristie Ramos at by Friday. The committee will be appointed by the City Council at their April 19th meeting.