I played with Luke Donald and Michael Jordan once at Conway Farms outside Chicago, and I got up on the blue tees and Jordan was standing back on the pro tee. I was 61 years old, and he said, 'You're going to play from the little girls tee?' I said, okay, Jordan. He said if you play here and you break a hundred, that will be good. So I did that. So he had a 76. And I said I knew Luke if he could ever get in the zone was going to do well.

But I like playing. I played with Adam Scott when he was a college player at UNLV. He came to Washington once, and a friend of mine who is a great golfer, invited me to play with him. I like playing. One day I played golf with Nicklaus two days in a row.

Q. You played golf with Bryce Molder in Arkansas?


Q. He had just won his first PGA TOUR event.

PRESIDENT CLINTON: I've been pulling for him all this time. He is a wonderful guy. We played the (Inaudible) golf course in Little Rock, which is a darn good course. I realized if he ever got his mojo going, he'd be good.

You know who I like playing with? Sean Fister who won the long driving championship. I mean, it's amazing playing with a guy that every third time he hit it, it's 400 yards. I like it.

When you play with a pro, you're on a normal course, and you sort of feel bad when he outdrives you a hundred yards. When you play with Sean, he's so massive, it's like okay. You can't even see the ball.

Q. Do you have a hole in one, sir?

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Yeah, I made a hole in one. Only one. In Chicago at a links course that was (Harbor Side International?) ?? I went out there because I was trying to support the city. They had recovered an old dump there, it's like a landfill site and made this beautiful links course.

And I hit it on a short par?3, and I hit a 9?iron. The hole was behind the hump so I didn't get to see the ball go in.

I've had two eagles on par?4 holes, but I've only hit one hole in one. I came off, I left one on the rim when I was 15, and I got down and blew on it, and it still didn't go in.

Thank you all for coming. Keep your fingers crossed for us. This might work.

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