Ginger Jeffries

KESQ News Channel 3 Chief Meteorologist

POSTED: 02:41 PM PDT Oct 18, 2011    UPDATED: 03:00 PM PDT Oct 08, 2013 

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Ginger Jeffries - Web Photo 2013

For more than a decade, Ginger Jeffries has been talking desert weather. She is the most experienced and most-watched meteorologist in the Coachella Valley.

Ginger began her career with the "Q" in 1996. She fell in love with the desert and the unique meteorological opportunities in our region.

"The Coachella Valley has everything from extreme heat, tornado force winds, sub freezing temperatures and flood potential," she said. "Our weather is sunny and dry more often than not, but when a storm rolls in, it moves quickly and packs loads of potential. That's why we are called First Alert. I'll let you know where the weather is and where it's heading."

Ginger became interested in meteorology as a child after constantly asking the question, "why?"

Instead of just listening to others, Ginger sought out answers on her own. That led to attending college at San Diego State University.

She has a degree in Arts and Science with an emphasis in Journalism. Her goal is to achieve a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science.

"Dr. Jeffries has a nice ring to it!," she said.


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