On certain days of the year, such as Sept. 11 and Memorial Day, it is custom to fly the American flag at half-staff. On these days, how do you fly your American flag in your yard at half-staff?


On these special days, or other days that the president or governor have declared all U.S. flags be flown at half-staff, you should keep your flag lowered from sunrise until sunset.


On your at-home pole, on a half-staffed day first raise the flag all the way to the top for a moment before lowering it. When taking it down for the day, again raise it to the top and then lower it to the bottom.


When the U.S. flag is at half-staffed, you should either remove all other flags or fly them at half-staff as well.


If your flag can’t be flown at half-staff, then it is customary to attach a black ribbon to the top of the flag.