``People will say, 'The parade's on Monday. Is the game on Monday?''' Ash told City News Service. ''I've never heard anybody say 'I hate this' and I've never heard anybody say `I like this.'''

In years when the Rose Bowl Game is played on Jan. 2, ''we tend to shift our schedules a day,'' Ash said.

``In our minds, bowl week starts the 26th,'' Ash said. ''This year, it starts the 27th. Everything shifts a day.''

Because ``the tournament is steeped in tradition,'' a change to the 'Never on Sunday' policy has ''never really been addressed,'' by association officials, Ash said.

``It's always been accepted,'' Ash said. ``It's not even an issue. It's just something we do, that we believe in and that we will continue with.''