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HS Football: Plays of the Week

Vote for the HS football Play of the Week

We will post our Play of the Week poll question Friday night after we've narrowed down our top plays.

Trey Beating Suspects

Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.

Police arrest 3 of 4 suspects wanted in attack that left teen in coma

Police arrest 3 suspects for assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an attack on an 18-year-old man from Rancho Mirage August 14th.  

KESQ News Channel 3

Check out final HS football scores from opening week

High school football teams in the Coachella Valley are gearing up for a new season of gridiron action on Friday night.

FBI Raids Palm Springs

Palm Springs Mayor says F.B.I requests thousands more documents from City Hall

The FBI subpoenaed over 20,000 pages of documents from Palm Springs City Hall earlier this month as a follow-up to their almost one year investigation.  

Band Workout

Study: Marching band as physically demanding as competitive sports

According to one study, marching band members face the same physical challenges as athletes in competitive sports.

PS Bomb 2

Joe Galli

Police say suspicious package is only empty lunchbox

Palm Springs Police have determined that the suspicious package was only an empty lunch box, they are currently reopening the roadways. 

Bathtub safety

Unsupervised infant found submerged in Palm Desert bathtub

A seven-month-old child was found under water in a bath tub in Palm Desert Friday morning, and authorities said the infant was left unsupervised.

MGN Online

Woman allegedly attacked by local man turns knife back on suspect, killing him

A 57-year-old knife-wielding man from Cathedral City suspected of attacking a woman in Newport Beach, only to have the weapon turned back on him by the victim this past weekend, succumbed to his wounds, police said Friday.

Mosquito-control application scheduled in Beaumont

Application of an EPA-approved mosquito control by a truck-mounted sprayer is scheduled for Tuesday August, 30th.

Hernan Ortega

KESQ & CBS Local 2 via RCSD

Coachella man charged with carjacking mail truck, assaulting elderly man

A mail carrier for the United States Postal Service was carjacked on Wednesday after trying to help an elderly man who was being threatened in Coachella.

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