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Local Hospitals Ready If a Patient Ever Tests Positive for Ebola

News about the first case of the ebola virus in the United State's is putting people on edge. Many are wondering if hospitals here in the valley could handle an infected patient.

Tennis for Fun

Tennis For Fun in La Quinta

The USTA is co-sponsoring 2 free events on Friday and Saturday at the Tennis for Fun event at La Quinta's Fritz Burns Park.

stranger danger, christopher's clubhouse

Valley stranger danger reports spark concerns and need for education

A recent string of attempted child abductions in the Coachella Valley has some parents concerned. A family safety advocate who's far too familiar with the reality of a missing child says parents can be pro-active to help prevent tragedy happening to their household.

Sheriff's Department confirms investigation at CVHS over nude pictures

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department confirms that there is an active investigation at Coachella Valley High School, over an incident involving nude pictures and social media.

Palm Springs to use grant money to inventory trees

The city of Palm Springs will count more than 15,000 trees paid for by an $80,000 grant from the Southern California Association of Governments.

West Nile virus_mosquito

image from RAL

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Palm Desert

Palm Desert is the first urban area in the Coachella Valley this year where mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile virus.

Eisenhower Medical Center

Breast cancer awareness lectures offered for free

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and experts at Eisenhower Medical Center will be offering free lectures to provide the most up-to-date information so patients and their families can make informed decisions about their health and treatment options.

Smoke detector alerts Palm Springs woman to apartment fire

Nearly a dozen people need new homes after a fire at a Palm Springs apartment complex. 


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