• SpaceX rocket blows up after launch

    SpaceX explosion

    Becky Maks

    A rung on the long ladder to Mars broke Friday, when a rocket test in Texas ended in a midair ball of fire.

    Debris from the unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) rocket, which self-destructed less than 20 seconds after launch, rained down from the f...

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    By Ben Brumfield CNN
  • Woman supporting Darren Wilson


    Fund-raising for Officer Wilson tops $300K

    Supporters of Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson say they have faced threats over their views, but vowed not to be silenced.

    Wilson shot and killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown, an incident that stirred racial tensions and unrest.


  • Map of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran


    U.N.: ISIS fighters besiege Turkmen town

    As violence continues to wrack Iraq, the United Nations warned Saturday of another ethnic slaughter in the making by Sunni extremists from ISIS.

    ISIS fighters have besieged the ethnic Turkmen Shiite town of Amerli in the north for two months, and its ...

  • Palestinians fly the Hamas flag

    Hamas: Take our case to international court

    Hamas is pushing a different tactic in its conflict with Israel, urging Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas to go before the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israeli leaders for war crimes.

    The idea of pursuing an investigation into Is...

  • New York chokehold death protest 2


    Police choke-hold death sparks New York march

    Thousands of protesters rallied Saturday on a New York street where Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, died after a white police officer put him in a choke hold, sparking national outrage just weeks before the Michael Brown was shot to death by a pol...

  • rally for Michael Brown Ferguson Sunday

    REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

    How Ferguson could be America's future

    The protests in Ferguson, Missouri, have been described as a mirror into contemporary America, but they are also something else: A crystal ball.

    Look past the headlines -- the debates over race and police militarization that have surfaced after the ...

  • Russian trucks leave Ukraine

    REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk

    Russia aid convoy returns from Ukraine

    All the trucks sent over the border by Russia on a humanitarian mission without Ukraine's authorization have now returned to Russia, international monitors said Saturday.

    In total, 227 vehicles were sent into eastern Ukraine on Friday, according to th...

  • Bardarbunga volcano

    TV2 Iceland

    Alert raised in Iceland for volcano

    Iceland closed the airspace near the Bardarbunga volcano on Saturday, warning that significant emission of ash into the atmosphere is likely.

    The Icelandic Meteorological Office raised the aviation alert at Bardarbunga to "red," which means that erup...

  • Steven Sotloff home

    ISIS captive Sotloff's friends praise his talent, passion

    When freelance journalist Steven Sotloff disappeared during a reporting trip to Syria in August 2013, his family kept the news a secret. Families of hostages are frequently advised to do this by security firms, and news organizations are sometimes wi...

  • Pakistan, Afghanistan, India map


    Exchange of fire on Pakistan-India border

    Pakistan and India exchanged fire near the border in the disputed Kashmir region early Saturday, killing at least two people from each country.

    The Indian paramilitary border security force said Pakistani forces fired shots and mortar rounds near the...

  • Ferguson peaceful night

    REUTERS/Adrees Latif

    Ferguson remains calm for another night

    Two weeks after a police-involved shooting sparked violent protests in a St. Louis suburb, the mood turned more tranquil early Saturday with thinner crowds and lots of music.

    Gone were police in riot gear glaring at defiant protesters. The barrage of ...

  • Russian aid convoy

    Nikita Paukov/Reuters

    West angry over Russian convoy in Ukraine

    Is it an act of compassion or one of belligerence?

    Both judgments were offered Friday on the dozens of Russian trucks that have rolled into eastern Ukraine, a move Russian leaders cast as necessary to address a humanitarian crisis and a Ukrainian off...

  • Map


    Mosque massacre: 65 dead in attack in Iraq

    Suspected Shiite militiamen opened fire Friday inside a Sunni mosque in northeast Iraq, killing dozens in an attack that appeared to derail the formation of a new government -- something world leaders have said is a must if the country hopes to defea...

  • Water starved Beijing

    Dayu Zhang/CNN

    Beijing residents dig wells outside homes

    At first glance, it seems like a lot of roadside construction is taking place in this residential neighborhood west of Beijing's Tsinghua University.

    But a closer look reveals out-of-place pipes, mysterious pools of water and long hoses that run along...

  • USS Saratoga

    U.S. Navy

    USS Saratoga on final voyage

    A storied former U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is on its final voyage Friday, a slow voyage from Rhode Island to a scrapyard in Texas.

    The former USS Saratoga (CV-60), a part of the Navy's carrier fleet from 1956 to 1994, is being towed down the Atlantic...

  • Ferguson smoke protesters

    REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

    Residents: The Ferguson on TV is not our town

    The QuikTrip that's now in shambles, its iconic red awning a nest of twisted metal, was once a favorite stop for residents here.

    The kids loved the slushies. The adults loved the doughnuts. And residents in the area say that before "the ruckus on Wes...

  • Ferguson protests, tank

    REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

    Who was arrested in Ferguson?

    By the time the tear gas started to clear in Ferguson, Missouri, at least 212 people had been arrested over nearly two weeks of clashes with police. A lot has been said about the fact that just a handful of them were actually from Ferguson.

    But there...

  • Dan Page

    CNN, TheNewSurvivalist

    Missouri cop on leave over inflammatory video

    A Missouri police officer involved in maintaining security in troubled Ferguson was put on administrative leave Friday after a video surfaced showing him railing about the Supreme Court, Muslims, and his past -- and perhaps, he said, his future -- as...

  • Twitter timeline


    Is Twitter a tech company or a news service?

    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo finds himself facing the same questions that news executives do: Where do you draw the line?

    Twitter was founded on the idea of democratizing information and has famously been used to organize protests against dictatorships an...

  • Obama ISIS speech serious face

    REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

    Is Obama heading toward airstrikes in Syria?

    After three years of avoiding it, President Barack Obama finds himself being pushed toward military action in Syria.

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey both made clear that defeating Islamic State jihadists' ra...

  • Texas Gov Rick Perry

    REUTERS/Chris Keane

    Perry: It's possible ISIS has crossed southern border

    It's a "very real possibility" that individuals with the extremist group ISIS may have crossed into the United States at the southern border, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday, though he added he doesn't have any evidence.

    Because the border is inse...

  • Rick Perry glasses


    In New Hampshire, Rick Perry says he's getting prepared

    Returning to New Hampshire for the first time since his failed 2012 presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Friday he has learned "some really, really good humbling lessons."

    Perhaps the biggest among them, he said, was preparation.

    "I don't ...

  • Police lights file

    OKC police: Officer assaulted women at stops

    An Oklahoma City police officer is accused of sexually assaulting several women while on the job, his department said.

    The case started after one woman came forward and accused Officer Daniel Holtzclaw of "sexual impropriety" during a traffic stop, O...

  • Surgical black box

    Courtesy St. John's Hospital

    Surgical 'black box' could reduce errors

    Inside the operating room, video cameras track every movement. Outside, a small computer-like device analyzes the recordings, identifying when mistakes are made and providing instant feedback to surgeons as they operate.

    This is the dream of the surg...

  • Elizabeth Warren

    Jason Reed / Reuters

    Warren, through lawyer, disavows Ready for Warren

    Elizabeth Warren is not Ready for Warren.

    In a letter to the Federal Election Commission Friday, Warren fully disavowed herself of Ready for Warren, a super PAC with the explicit goal of encouraging the liberal Massachusetts senator to run for preside...


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