• Who is Darren Deon Vann?

    Darren Vann

    Lake County Sheriff's Office

    Darren Deon Vann was no stranger to police.

    Even before police caught up with him this weekend, Vann's record was well-established. He had gone to jail at least twice before on felony convictions. But -- if authorities are to be believed -- his time b...

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    By Greg Botelho CNN
  • Canada shootings people police tape

    Blair Gable/Reuters

    Canadian Prime Minister speaks out on attack

    [Breaking news update, posted at 8:15 p.m. ET]

    "This week's events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said late Wednesday. "Let there ...

  • Michael Brown

    Report: Michael Brown was shot at close range

    Michael Brown's gunshot wounds included a shot in the hand at close range, his official autopsy shows, according to an analysis reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper.

    A county official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN the autop...

  • Diamonds

    Wikimedia Commons/Mario Sarto

    This Halloween costume costs $1.6 million

    What does a million-dollar Halloween costume look like? Hint: It gives new meaning to the phrase "dripping with diamonds."

  • Canada shooting witness

    Witnesses describe chaos in Canada shootings

    Peter Henderson heard gunshots ring out late Wednesday morning from the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa, Canada, as workers were rolling into the office a little late, coffee in hand.

    "I was locking my bike up, and I heard four shots," said H...

  • Ebola virus in black and white

    Centers for Disease Control

    Travelers from Ebola-affected countries to be monitored

    President Obama is cautiously optimistic. Both Texas nurses are getting better. Texas Health Presbyterian admits fault. A hospitalized cameraman is Ebola-free. And the U.S. Ebola czar starts his new job.

    With multiple developments underway, here's th...

  • STS-95_Florida_From_Space


    Commissioners propose seceding from Florida

    Miami-area lawmakers are proposing adding a 51st star to the American flag.

  • Woman using computer, laptop

    Ariana McLaughlin/CNN

    Survey: 40% of Web users have been harassed

    For the past 25 years, the Web has opened up unprecedented possibilities for human communication. But it has a dark side too -- sometimes, a very dark one.

  • Gmail

    Kacy Belew/CNNMoney

    Google unveils Inbox, a new app to fix email

    How do you solve a problem like email? Google's Gmail team thinks it knows how: with a new app called Inbox.

  • Darren Vann

    Lake County Sheriff's Office

    Accused Indiana killer's hearing moved

    The man accused in a string of killings in Indiana appeared in court for the first time Wednesday but was held in contempt after he refused to answer the judge's questions, forcing the hearing to be rescheduled for next week, CNN's Poppy Harlow repor...

  • waterfall in Yellowstone National Park

    Ray Birden

    Visiting national parks could cost more

    Want to visit Yosemite, Grand Canyon or Yellowstone next year? Pack your camping supplies and knock those parks off your bucket list now.

  • Former Blackwater guard Nick Slatten CENTER

    REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

    Ex-Blackwater guards guilty in Iraq shooting

    After marathon deliberations, a federal jury found four ex-Blackwater Worldwide contractors guilty Wednesday in a deadly 2007 mass shooting in Baghdad's Nusoor Square.

  • Ottawa, Canada shooting

    Peter Henderson

    Washington monitoring Canada shootings

    Washington -- one of the world's most secure cities -- is reacting cautiously following the attacks at Canada's Parliament Hill.

  • Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Mosul, Iraq


    3 girls sneaked off and tried to join ISIS

    The first indication that something was wrong was a phone call from his daughter's Denver area school to let Assad Ibrahim know that she had not come to class.

    He dialed her cell. And she answered. But, officials say, she didn't tell him that she was...

  • Obama on the phone with Putin

    Pete Souza/The White House

    Obama calls, thanks Dallas hospital workers

    President Barack Obama on Wednesday thanked health care workers at the hospital in Dallas where a patient died of Ebola and two nurses became infected with the virus earlier this month.

  • Beach chairs, umbrella, vacation, ocean

    Patrick Moore/SXC

    Americans taking fewer vacation days

    Feeling buried by work, like you can't find time for a few days off, like your entire work-life balance is out of whack?

  • Ron Klain


    Day one for Ebola czar

    The seasoned Democratic operative President Barack Obama tapped last week to head his administration's Ebola fight got to work on Wednesday, though Ron Klain's new job is expected to unfold out of public sight.

  • Social Security Administration

    Floyd Yarmuth/CNN

    Social Security benefits will increase by 1.7% in 2015

    Social Security checks will rise by 1.7% -- which translates into $22 more each month for the average retired worker.

    In 2015, the average worker will receive $1,328 a month, or $15,936 a year, according to the Social Security Administration. More th...

  • Jeffrey Fowle at home


    Fowle's emotional arrival home from N. Korea

    After five months of detention in North Korea, Jeffrey Fowle arrived back in Ohio early Wednesday for an emotional reunion with his family.

  • Bristol Palin fight

    Anchorage Police Department

    Palins describe brawl in police recordings

    Bristol Palin describes being dragged through the grass and called a series of obscenities during a massive brawl last month in recordings of Anchorage police interviews that CNN obtained through a public records request.

  • General view of Kobani

    Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

    U.S. airdrops give much needed aid in Kobani

    In the besieged Syrian city of Kobani, precious medicine rains from the sky.

    Antibiotics, anesthetics, sanitary supplies and bandages -- all desperately needed to treat local fighters and civilians wounded during the siege of this crucial town near th...

  • Solar eclipse

    Kyung Lah/CNN

    Partial solar eclipse on Thursday at sundown

    The cosmos will cast an afternoon delight over the country on Thursday with a partial solar eclipse.

  • Reeva Steenkamp

    Capacity Relations

    Steenkamp parents satisfied on Pistorius term

    Reeva Steenkamp's parents said Tuesday they are "satisfied" with the sentence handed down to their daughter's killer, as Oscar Pistorius started his first full day in a South African prison.

    June and Barry Steenkamp told broadcaster ITV's "Good Mornin...

  • Sen. Tom Coburn


    'Wastebook': All that fits in pork barrel

    Monkeys taught how to gamble and play video games. People paid to watch grass grow. Swedish massages given to rabbits. These are just a few examples from the 100 entry-long list in a book detailing government waste, compiled by retiring GOP Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

  • Matt Olsen


    Ex-official: U.S. lost track of terrorists

    Ripping the cover off top-secret U.S. surveillance programs pushed foreign terrorists underground and out of intelligence services' reach, a former top intelligence official said Tuesday.


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